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Britton’s Beauties

The Beauties of England and Wales was written between 1801 and 1815 as a multi-part series of 18 books. Originally created by John Britton in conjunction with his friend Edward Brayley providing a county by county topography, they later withdrew from the undertaking and were replaced by other writers.

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  1. S

    This is a really interesting watermeadow, I will browse through some others now

  2. Lucy Cherry-Smith

    This article is an extremely useful potted history of the work and lives of my grandfather Arthur and his brothers Edward and Frank Cherry. In particular I am delighted to see that my great Aunt Ivy features in your article. Arthur died before I was born but I knew Ivy.
    I have sent your article to my cousin in Australia as he has a part to play in this saga since, as a toddler he lived with Arthur and his wife Margaret during the 2nd world war so he remembers his grandparents Arthur & Margaret.
    Thanking you!
    Lucy Cherry-Smith

    • W355eX_ar7

      I have always admired the detailed graphic work of the Cherry brothers and as a historian I have enjoyed delving further into their background. Thank you Lucy – it is lovely to hear from a family descendant – it helps bring the artists and their work alive. NP

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