Antiquarian Art

At Stone Cross Prints we celebrate the variety of beautiful topographical prints that were published in the antiquarian publications of the 18th and 19th centuries. These included prospects of great houses, castles and abbeys, landscapes containing picturesque ruins and aerial views of towns and provide priceless records of British landscapes of the past. Printed historical images were created using a variety of techniques such as copper and steel line engraving, aquatinting, lithography, etching and wood engraving.

Our online print shop stocks a large range of these antique and vintage collectable topographical prints and these are available to view by county or by publication.


We also sell modern reproduced prints of paintings by the popular scenic artist Kevin Platt.




We have a selection of collectable original etchings and facsimile reproductions by the St Albans’ brothers, Arthur and Edward Cherry.



Where is Wessex?

When we established our online print shop in 2009, we decided to concentrate on stocking artistic images of the South West of England known as WESSEX. This area was originally defined by the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the West Saxons in the sixth century and lasted until the Norman Conquest. Originally Wessex was a region covering the counties of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset, but by the time of King Alfred it included Devon and Somerset in the West and Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Bath and Gloucestershire lay within its northern borders.

This area was romantically revived by the writer Thomas Hardy, who dropped Gloucestershire, but added Cornwall as his Off Wessex or Lyonesse. Wessex is today a recognised geographical area in the South West of England.


The Wessex Antiquarian

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