Early facsimile reproduction of an original etching of The Great Gate, Trinity College Cambridge, by Arthur Cherry.

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Etched by Arthur L. Cherry

Early C20th

An early facsimile reproduction print (probably made by the Cherry family) of an original etching by Arthur L. Cherry. Read more about the Cherry Brothers of St Albans.

This vintage framed print shows the Great Gate at Trinity College in Cambridge and is the principal entrance to the College known as ‘the Great Gate’ or ‘King’s Gate’, which leads from the High Street to the King’s Hall in the Great Court. It was the largest of the college gates and is unique in having two doors of different sizes, separated by a stone pier.

It was built in 1530 with two floors and four turrets and elaborately decorated with the coat-of-arms of Edward III and six of his sons, including Edward Black Prince and John of Gaunt. In a recess above the armorials, is a statue of the founder of Trinity College, King Henry VIII. Bosses on the vaulting beneath the gate display the arms of several previous Masters of the College.

This is an original facsimile print and is in a good clean condition with pencil signature. It is available mounted in an ivory conservation quality mount and framed with a black and gold wood frame with acrylic glazing. Price – £40.00.

Approximate dimensions are:

Mount window: 95 x 155 mm

Frame overall size: 240 x 270 mm

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