Cerne Abbey was founded in the C9th and re-founded in the C10th as St Augustine’s Benedictine monastery. It was rebuilt in the C15th – C16th and the Abbot’s Porch was built by the last Abbot Thomas Salmon in 1509 shortly before the Dissolution.

The Tudor porch of three storeys was once the main access to the Hall buildings and the fine two storey oriel window (projecting bay) is carved with animals and the escutcheons of families from the neighbourhood. Although a letter published in the Gentleman’s Magazine in 1820, raises a concern over the porch’s decay, the structure remains standing in the garden of Abbey House in Cerne Abbas village to the present day.

This is an original copper line engraving from the Gentleman’s Magazine, a monthly publication founded by Edward Cave in London in 1731. The magazine flourished throughout the C18th & C19th and provided news and commentary on many subjects intended for the educated public. This antique print is a view towards the Abbot’s Porch at the Abbey of Cerne in Dorset. The artist and engraver are unknown.

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